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You mention Steve Took in the liner notes of your CD. What was it like to play with him?

"Ok, this is a fairly important question, I think.

Steve Peregrine Took was probably the single most influential person that I ever met, really. He is responsible for a lot of what I do today, both in my life as well as musically. For a long time we were inseparable but life and its peregrinations ( ! ) happened, and we drifted apart.

He turned me on to Love, the band fronted by Arthur Lee, and this was quite a big step really. Tooky’s songs were unlike any I’d come across. They had time-changes, chords that were seemingly unrelated, lots of minor chords, and tremendous subject matter, as did Love’s records. Four Sail was a big influence in our lives, I mean, the drumming alone on that album broke all the rules, it was a wonderful time to be listening to other people’s stuff, unlike today, where 99.99999% of music is just indescribably fucked-up crap. Words cannot express how I feel about what is laughingly called “Rock” these days, but I digress.

My drug experimentation really took off with Steve. Acid was a constant factor in our lives, it was tremendous. I remember John Peel asking Took if he’d ever had any religious experiences. “Thousands,” replied Steve, and he wasn’t lying, although our idea of a Religious Experience was probably a long way removed from John Peel’s. At least I hope it was!

Before we threw in with each other, I’d seen him get onstage to jam with the Fairies, only to be escorted from the stage for being out of it, and believe me, you had to go some to get hooked offa The Fairies stage for being fucked-up. But Tooky pulled it off on more than one occasion. I wish he woulda got it together, his originality could’ve taken rock to a great place, but it wasn’t meant to be. What a drag.