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From Music Star 1973

You've probably been wondering what has become of Steve Took. Marc Bolan's old partner in Tyrannosaurus Rex. Well, Steve is alive and well and living in Mayfair or is it Earls Court? He's well anyway

When we met Steve he was looking very smart, dressed in a pink and white jacket, pink trousers, a blue shirt and one of the most beautiful waistcoats we'd ever seen. His hair has grown quite long and he's still very thin of course, but not as thin as he used to be.

And Steve's fortunes have changed in the past nine months or so. Tony Secunda, Marc's ex-manager, is now managing Steve and it looks as if we can expect some records from him in the not too distant future. He played us some of his songs when we met him and they sounded pretty good to us.

"I wasn't able to play at all for the first two months of this year," he said. "My right hand went numb and I couldn't do anything at all except play with my rat."

Yes, Steve has a pet rat called Charlie who lives in a cage in his room.

Steve was born on July 28, 1949, in Shooters Hill, London. He lived for most of his life in Eltham and left school when he was 15. He'd always wanted to be a drummer so he got a job as a temporary clerical assistant in the Post Office telephone accounts department and stuck at it until he'd saved enough to buy a drum kit.

"Then I moved to London and met the Bopping Elf (that's what he calls Marc). I was about 18 at the time. We played together for about three years.

"I like playing guitar now. I've got four guitars including a 12-string Rickenbacker which is a beautiful guitar. I play for about five hours a day and I write a lot of songs and poetry. I never watch television in my spare time, I hate it. In fact I won't have one in the house."

Steve's misfortunes extended beyond his numb hand. He had pleurisy and a stomach ulcer quite recently and for a year one of his teeth was giving him almost continual pain.

Fortunately that's all over now and he's really quite fit and healthy, starting every day by doing 35 press-ups! He hasn't played much in public for the past year but now he's got a group of his own together so they'll be working pretty soon.

All in all things are looking pretty good for Steve. Should be worth your while to keep your eyes and ears open for him in the future. We can't wait to hear what Steve has in store for us.

He says it's something very different from the sounds he was making when part of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

"I'm going to be doing my own thing from now on!"