A Trip Through Ladbroke Grove
The Life and Times of Underground Hero Steve Peregrin Took by Fee Warner


Fabulous 392-page Limited Edition Numbered Colour Hardback fully printed in Colour on 150g Gloss Art Paper with satin ribbon bookmark. Steve Peregrin Took is currently most famous, (Or should that be infamous?) for being a 50/50 founding partner with Marc Bolan of Tyrannosaurus Rex. For half a century he has been written off as a drugged up loser who had his chance with Marc Bolan and missed it. This stereotyping has been further entrenched by the memories of the Notting Hill leather trouser mafia as one of his friends described them. Their excesses matched, if not exceeded those of Steve Took. These friends did him no favours, frequently gaining amusement by egging him on to be a clown.
Away from these influences his real friends feel that his lack of achievement was not due to an absence of talent. Steve was a fine singer songwriter whose ability to break from singing to become a satirical, topical comedian, was second-to-none. This biography reveals for the first time a deluge of new information about Steve Took's childhood, the path to Marc Bolan and the formation of Tyrannosaurus Rex. The real facts about Steve's sacking are revealed along with information on how Steve and Marc's lives remained connected and converged in the 1970's at a time when Bolan had discovered what it was like to be humiliated by the UK press and again in 1977.Steve Took's closest genuine friends and family have allowed the author unprecedented access to documents, and eye witness testimony never before revealed. There are also previously unpublished photographs, illustrations and other associated paperwork. This is Steve Took's first biography, and has been written to attempt to set the record straight, without vilifying Marc Bolan as a person. This book does contain such extensive new information regarding Marc Bolan that it renders all previous Marc Bolan/T.Rex biographies. Whatever your interest in the man described as too fragile for the music industry, strange and unique and a talented singer-songwriter, this is a Must Have Book.

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Many Thanks to everyone who has helped including Steve's Family, especially Luke Took, Lou Tunstall, Tony Landau, Bruce and Jenny Porter. His school friends (many of whom knew him as 'Porter'), John Mister, Bea (Barbara) Soule, Les Best, Marian Walls, Jenny Ashworth, Natty Billiet, Dave Thompson, Colin Bodiam, Russell Hunter, Paul Welch, Paul Welsh, Paul Cox, Nik Turner, Nick Butt, Joly, Twink, Michael Moorcock, Dino Ferari, Ron Tree, & those who have now passed over - Dearest Gert, Wonderful Keith Morris, Delighful & witty Mickey Finn, (Judge) Trevor Thomas & Mick Farren,... Also Lucifer Sam, Grimble Gromble, & to all 'Tookie' List members & the other cats. Web Mistress - Fee Warner. Career History - David Mantell. Research & Design - Fee Warner Copyright © 1999 to 2018 All Rights Reserved
Steve Peregrin Took - Most famous for being founder member of Tyrannosaurus Rex (T.Rex) with Marc Bolan Took's life was far more wide ranging & influential than most people think!
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