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By Mike Scott of the Waterboys

Hi folks at Steve Took's Domain,

Mike Scott from the Waterboys here. I was one of the audience at the "Bohemian Love-in" in 1978 at the Roundhouse. I went there with my mate Z, having hitch hiked down from Scotland.

I was looking forward to seeing Steve Took's Horns on the show because I was a fan of Tyrannosaurus Rex (and T. Rex). But all I remember now about the band is being surprised that they played boogie-ish rock, when I was expecting something more Tolkien-esque, perhaps in an acoustic or faeryland style. The name of the band seemed to suggest something otherwordly. They were OK, but not brilliant. During the gig Steve himself was very low key and the chap he alluded to with an almost gruff "That's Trevor" seemed to carry the show.

I didn't know it was their only show until I read the biography on your site. I'm sorry I can't remember more detail for you.

The other acts included former Damned guitarist Brian James's Tanz Der Youth, the punkiest band on the bill. They came on stage and sneered "are we havin'g a nice love-in then?" There was also a strange set from two weird chinese comedians who incurred the wrath of the crowd (why I don't remember). Well-known Ladbroke Grove head Thomas 'Jesus' Jellet was yelling at them to "fuck off" from the front of the audience, dressed in a loin-cloth and brandishing a tambourine.

I actually reviewed the gig for a Scottish fanzine called Kingdom Come, but sadly I don't have a copy anymore.

all the best and well done with the site


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