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LINKS GOOD STUFF AT AMAZON.CO.UK As it says: So say now more, other than Visit the Link!

Japanese Steve Took Web Site, written by Kiyohiro Shiroya. Check his site out for information in Japanese on The Pink Fairies, Deviants, Pretty Things, Junior's Eyes, Electric Banana, Twink & other members of T.Rex.

Uncle Harry's City Kids, Tim Rundall's Pink Fairies/Deviants website, an extension of the fanzine of the same name. Plenty of interesting information about Steve and his music, placing it in the wider context of the '70s underground.

Funtopia, A guide to the writing and music of Mick Farren. Contains Info & Review of MONA: THE CARNIVOROUS CIRCUS (with Steve Took as Shagrat the Vagrant).

Adrian Shaw profile on a Hawkwind site Contains info on Steve's 1974 band with Shaw, Dave Bidwell & Hiroshi Kato

In Memoriam - Steve Peregrin Took : From Kate Illyana's Pavillions of Sun Bolan site. One of the better efforts info-wise, (by the standards of the old days) nice discography. See also the 1997 Record Mirror; Marc's; column which containing references to Took's own music.

Larry Wallis info (The Musicians' Olympus): Larry Wallis page, now updated to include Steve/Shagrat info

Missing Link CD on Cleopatra's homepage : About the oldest Took-related material on the net. A sales spot for the CD. Now sadly in its dotage and lacking the image of the sleeve. Well, they're more than welcome to borrow ours if they want!

Missing Link Review : Originally printed in Issue 69 of Aiding and Abetting. Rather lukewarm review of the CD. Play this guy the Shagrat sessions, we say!

Tapestry Of Delights: Shagrat entry. : A rare inclusion in a reference book! Don't get too excited, it only mentions Steve, Larry and the Amanda single. (They've got a Pink Fairies entry; but it's a bit on the crappy side, since they include the various Shagrat members as Fairies even though Tim Taylor, Phil Lenoir and Dave Bidwell were *never* members of the Fairies, only of Shagrat) Larry Wallis's Pink Fairies Site.

Freak Emporium in Delerium's Psychedelic Web Of Sound  - For all those albums you didn't know were available!
Freak Emporium in Delerium's Psychedelic Web Of Sound - For all those albums you didn't know were available!