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THE LATE, GREAT ROBERT CALVERTHawkwind frontman/lyricist Bob Calvert became Steve’s main collaborator after the end of his partnership with Tony Secunda. Together, they recorded demos of Took’s songs and even played joint gigs – including one at a hippy commune in Suffolk.

Took also appeared on Calvert’s 1974 single project 'Crik1t Lovely Reggea' and was scheduled to be a support act on Bob’s ill-fated 1974 Captain Lockheed tour. In 1979 he re-recorded 'Crikit Lovely Reggea' with Robert Calvert and this new version was released on flexi-disc as 'Cricket Star'. In June 1980, Steve and Bob duetted on “Brainstorm” together onstage at Nik Turner's ICU’s gig at the Music Machine in Camden, after Calvert came onstage late during Steve’s rendition of “Slow Down.”).

As Steve remarked, “He's a good writer, I'm quite impressed actually and he's got the kind of splendid infamous reputation as I have!” Nik Turner remembered them talking “Nineteen to the Dozen” when they were both high and how very distressed Calvert was when he heard of Tookie's death.

For the story of the 'Reggae' "Crikit Lovely Reggea" single & it's more 'Hawkwind' 'B' side the Took-Penned song 'Howzat' described as:- "the flip side would have made a good follow up single to 'Ejection' as it is in a similar vein and has a catchy hook of "Howzat Howzat" that definitely gets the foot tapping - it might even have been a hit.".   Click Here

HAWKWIND FOUNDER MEMBER NIK TURNERHawkwind saxophonist Nik Turner was already friends with Both Took & Turner worked on Robert Calvert's "Crikit Lovely Reggea" single. (See above). Took also stopped in Kent at three locations including Turner's parents' house near Margate. Robert Calvert also had roots there. The third location was around Canterbury and during 1973/4 to around 1977/8 while Took was regularly visiting Kent Steve formed his Kent based band Jolly Roger & The Crimson Gash with guitarist Les Best, to which Nik occasionally contributed. This is covered on the JOLLY ROGER & THE CRIMSON GASH page.

Nik was also a friend since adolescence of Steve Took’s Horns manger Tony Landau. Nik also promoted and headlined (with his band Sphynx) the June ’78 Bohemian Love In event at which Steve Took’s Horns played their one and only gig. After the Horns dissolved, Nik snapped up drummer Ermanno (Dino Ferari) for Sphynx.

When in 1979 Nik formed a new band, Inner City Unit (ICU) with Ermanno/Dino and Horns guitarist ‘Judge’ Trev Thoms, Steve appeared occassionally with the band part-time as a guest vocalist. As well as occasional performances of Took’s own songs, Steve also sang on ICU’s cover of “Slow Down” (a Horns hand-me-down). Live ICU bootlegs of ICU’s May 1980 Meanwhile Gardens and 16th June 1980 Music Machine gigs feature Steve’s version of Slow Down prominently.
More info on INNER CITY UNIT.

Adrian Shaw came into Steve Took’s world as the bassist for Bristol psychedelic prog rock outfit Magic Muscle. They supported Steve’s headline slot on the Plymouth opening night of Took’s Xmas ’71 mini-tour of the south west and later played third on the bill to Hawkwind and Steve in Margate.

In 1974, he was recruited by Steve as bassist for a band with Dave Bidwell and Hiroshi Kato. After rehearsing, the band recorded four tracks including Flophouse Blues, before the band drifted apart. Hawkwind, like Steve, had been sufficiently impressed by Adrian to recruit him, for their 1977 LP Quark Strangeness And Charm.

After the band appeared on the Marc show, Bolan approached Adrian with a view to replacing Herbie Flowers on bass in T.Rex. Had it not been for Bolan’s death, Adrian Shaw might yet have been the first musician to work with both ex-members of Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Shaw would have one further encounter with Took in June ’78 when he played as part of Michael Moorcock’s Deep Fix on the same Bohemian Love-In bill as Steve Took.
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Took worked with Adrian Wagner on at least one occassion, with Robert Calvert. In 1974 they worked on Calvert's unreleased single 'Crikit Lovely Reggea' / 'Howzat'. More Info Here. In 1979, Wagner and Calvert resurrected the "Crikit Lovely Reggea" song. A new version of 'Crikit' was recorded, mixed, retitled "Cricket Star" and released as a flexidisc on the Wake Up label. It is likely that Took was involved in this reworking, along with Pavli and Simon House.

In 2004 Wagner released "Cricket Star" as a CD Single to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the 1979 flexi-disc release. Described thus:- "Produced by Robert Calvert and Adrian Wagner, this limited edition CD single is re-mastered and digitally enhanced from the very rare original 7" flexidisc released in 1979 on Wake Up Records by it's founder and co-producer/writer Adrian Wagner for MediaQuest." More info on the CD Single at
  Available from MediaQuest via their- eBay Shop.

PAUL RUDOLPHSee entry for the Pink Fairies.

TERRY OLLIS"I answered an ad in Melody Maker, and when I turned up it was just John the bass player, Dave Brock and me. That was Hawkwind Zoo. I was about 17; the rest were all, like, ten years older than me. We played loads of gigs with all seven of us tripping and it was fucking amazing - you'd go so far out and yet you'd all be there. I left because it was becoming like a business; the idealism was going out the window. Not from the band so much, but from the record company and the management. After I left, I lent my drums to Simon King but all their gear got stolen. I went to the management to get some money and they said it would have to come out of my royalties. I left the manager's office, bumped into Dave at the Mountain Grill, told him about it and he said "Yeah, that's right." It was the biggest fucking slap in the face I'd ever had, and it put me off the music industry. I mean, we'd been living in each other's pockets for three or four years. I went off to Blackheath into semi-retirement, though I did play a benefit gig with my mate Steve Took, fuckin' lovely fella. I think he got a bit done in by it all, too."
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LEMMYAt present we don't have factual information regarding collaborative work between Steve Took and Lemmy. However they were good friends for the majority of Steve Took's adult life.

When Tony Secunda (Bolan's former manager) became Steve Took's manager he secured the release of a large amount of back-royalties. These royalties were enough to buy a nice flat in London at the time! However, that didn't happen. Lemmy suggested “Hey, we could have a really good time, why don't you move into my flat?” So that was the end of the flat buying money!

Later, after the break up of Steve Took's Horns Took phoned his old girlfriend Lou from a phone box in Leicester Square who suggested he “Take a taxi to Lemmy's and Lemmy will make sure that you have an alright Christmas.” And an hour later, she got a phone call from Lemmy saying “He's fine” So on a friendship level Lemmy and Took's collaborative excesses had cost Took a nice flat in London, but at the same time when Took was down on his luck Lemmy was there for him.

Took's friendship with Lemmy as well as Larry Wallis may well have been the reason why Lemmy contacted Lazza with a view to forming Motorhead. In an interview with Lazza (read it) he says "So, one Friday afternoon I got a call from Lemmy. He wasn't really a chum so it was strange to hear from him." so it may well have been on Took's direct suggestion, or indirectly through Took praising Lazza's guitar playing abilities.



Captain Lockheed And The Starfighters

'Ladbroke Grove Hermaphroditic Voice Ensemble',

1.Franz Joseph Strauss, Defence Minister, Reviews the Luftwaff
2.The Aerospaceage Inferno
3.Aircraft Salesman
4.The Widow Maker
5.Two Test Pilots Discuss The Starfighter's Performance
6.The Right Stuff
7.Board Meeting
8.The Song Of The Gremlin
9.Ground Crew
10.Hero With A Wing
11.Ground Control To Pilot
14.I Resign
15.The Song Of Gremlin
16.Bier Garten
17.Catch A Falling Starfighter


Cricket Star

(1979) (flexi)

1. Cricket Star


Space Box

1. Valium 10 performed by Hawkwind - 7:52
2. Slo Blo performed by Pressurehed - 8:06
3. Wolf City performed by Amon Duul - 3:20
4. Mominous performed by Ron Geesin - 1:27
5. Boots of Ascention (Fricke/I) - 7:58
6. Apropos Cluster performed by Cluster - 8:46
7. Brainticket performed by Architectural Metaphor - 7:40
8. Gonwash Indelible performed by Gong - 5:48
9. Burning Sky performed by Porcupine Tree - 11:35
10. 3rd from the Sun performed by Chrome - 4:42
11. 10 Seconds to Forever performed by Nik Turner - 3:15
12. International Sponge performed by Alien Planetscapes - 6:11
13. UFO performed by Guru Guru - 10:23
14. In Aquarian Dream performed by Melting Euphoria - 6:17
15. Electric Dimension performed by Kraftwelt - 6:09
16. Past Zero Time performed by Dark Matter - 12:14
17. Sehr Kosmisch performed by Harmonia - 10:56
18. This Alien Nation performed by Darxtar - 7:21
19. Time Center performed by Moorcock, Michael Deep Fix - 4:35
20. Vision of Infinity performed by FarFlung - 4:42
21. Number 6 performed by Brainstorm - 5:50
22. Contrapuntal Interstellar Radars performed by Conrad Schnitzler - 3:32
23. Time Of... performed by Hawklords - 4:00
24. Devoted Bone Dance performed by Faust
25. Leaving the Body performed by Helios Creed
26. Ich Mache Einen Spiegel performed by Popol Vuh
27. 12-24-2011 performed by Anubian Lights
28. Tribal Elders performed by Nick Riff
29. The Changing performed by Harvey Bainbridge
30. Interferon performed by Zero Gravity
31. Tangerine Sky performed by Dilate
32. 21.51 performed by Kluster
33. Scorpius performed by Took, Steve Peregrin
34. Vortex in My Cortex performed by Brain
35. Cysyrgy performed by Spiral Realms
36. Gamma Days performed by Surface Ten