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30th SEPTEMBER 1971

In Rolling Stone Magazine (dated 16th September 1971) Bolan having been asked about his former partner's whereabouts, replied:-

"Oh in a gutter somewhere (laughs)".

Two weeks later (30th September 1971) Frendz printed the following letter:

" Dear Marc,

I have just read a copy of Rolling Stone, and I don't believe it. There is some really good Afghani around at the moment - I don't believe that either.
Just thought I'd let you know that there's an awful lot of people in this gutter - it's the nicest one I've been in so far. Still, get it on - bang a gong if it keeps you happy.

Love and peace,
Up da revolushun,
Steve Took.
P.S. Are you really a coke freak?"

Of course what Bolan's new 'teenie bop' audience failed to grasp at the time was that Bolan had, himself lived in the same 'gutter' (Ladbroke Grove) during his Tyrannosaurus Rex years'. Then it had been good enough for Bolan even if he preferred to forget that phase of his life once stardom arrived. Steve Took's reply went largely unread by Bolan's 'teenie bop' audience who generally neither read or even knew about underground magazines like Frendz preferring the mass produced 'teenie bop' magazines of which 'Jackie' reigned supreme.

Bolan biographer's, coming as they did largely from the 'teenie bop' audience used sources they were aware of, and also sources which fitted the 'image' of Bolan they wished to preserve, so Took was dismissed as being in a 'gutter' and his letter of reply remained buried. It was reprinted in the #1 issue of the Pink Fairies Fanzine Kings of Oblivion edited by Paul Cox published as a limited edition run of just one hundred copies in 1976.

The date Rolling Stone was published was 16th September 1971. The date of Tookie's reply in Frendz was 30th September. At the time there was no significance in 16th September although Tookie's reply was published on Bolan's twenty-fourth birthday!!! Even when the Kings of Oblivion fanzine was written in 1976 there was no significance to 16th September. But one year later it would become significant - as the day Bolan died. So of the three hundred and sixty five days in a year the 'gutter' statement and its reply were published on the dates of Bolan's birth and death. Just a coincidence? Up to you!

Up da revolushun Tookie!
P.S. Yes he was! (The truth is the truth even if some don't like it!)

Fee Mercury Moon
November 2002