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The place for things which don't 'fit' into one of the main categories of this site.

Steve Took Autograph Forgery! a 'Bolan fan' sent me a copy of a signed programme he'd spotted on eBay. It appeared in June 2005 and sold for 99.50. It purported to have both Took & Bolan's signatures on it! He mailed me with a query about the spelling of the name 'Peregrin' as this 'autograph' was very clearly signed 'Peregrine'. So I cast my eyes over it. Click Here for the conclusions!

'The Times' Mickey Finn Obituary (230 kb) - Well researched, well written article (but then hey this is 'The Times' we're talking about so what else does 'one' expect???[grin] ). Includes a more realistic Steve Took section in the general 'History of T.Rex' summation! (Hey, you mean people are starting to get it into their heads that Steve Took was NOT a 'talentless loser' as a number of Bolan 'fans' have described him? Gosh!)