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Talking about his time in Ashford Remand Centre
From Mick Farren's Albym 'Mona The Carnivorous Circus'
Recorded December 1969 at Sound Techniques, London.
Released in 1971 & 1988 Transatlantic Records.

Ah there you are!
Well I was the only cat that was on the other side.
I was guilty you see, so they put me on the other side, put me in a cell with people who were kind of generally obnoxious to me and treated me really badly and that, swore at me, pushed me around and called me Elizabeth and generally demoralised me.

Umm ar, used to make me unscrew these screws man!
Fucking bloody screws!
Big bastard yellow plated fucking bastards!!!
Well they you know, they get all these cats in a room now, they give 'em all like a bit of a radio, with screws in it and they say 'Unscrew the screws', and that's all you have to do.
You just sit there unscrewing screws all the time mate, you know, and they have, like this radio on which, which like they have really low volume, you know, and so like there's this kind of hubble bubble going on, and people unscrewing screws, and throwing bits of things at each other, and really weird man!!!
You know you can't go round doing things like that!

Afterwards man, they get all the cats, and they put them all in a toilet man, a little small toilet, about the size of this said room, and um like you get about what, sixty cats all crammed into a little toilet man!
All sort of smoking their ciggies, and you just get left in there man!
You know, 'til like, they're ready to move you back to your cells, you know,
That's, that's pretty obnoxious you know!
And if you're a vegetarian all you get to eat, all I got to eat anyway was potatoes!!!!!!"

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